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Gaywood Primary School

Gaywood gives charity cheque for over £2,500


Our school raised an impressive £2,586 for The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House last month, making us the biggest fundraiser among the schools that took part in the charity’s Rudolph Run – and earning us a visit from the charity.

Our Executive Headteacher, Neil Mindham, said: “We love to take part in charity events and the children enjoy raising money.

"Tapping House is a charity that provides comfort and compassion to residents in West Norfolk nearing the end of their lives.

“It was particularly special as it is within our community and a lot of our parents and families have some sort of connection to it. The children loved taking part in the run, despite the cold weather – and they loved wearing the antlers that Tapping House provided.”

Tapping House’s Community Fundraiser, Victoria Rush, visited our school to thank the children and staff for their outstanding achievement, as well as to receive our fundraising cheque from School Council members Lenny and Ava.

She spoke to the children about the end-of-life care and support provided by the Hillington-based hospice, and informed us that the money raised would be used to fund fitness classes at Tapping House for an entire year. 

Ava, who is in Year 6, commented: “I was so shocked and proud of our school that we raised so much money.”

Lenny, also in Year 6, added, “I really wasn’t expecting it to be that much – it was a very impressive amount”, while fellow pupil Grace in Year 4 said, “I thought it was really incredible, and I can’t believe it will fund a year’s worth of exercise classes for the people who live there.”

Other comments came from Nancy in Year 3, who said, “I’m happy it will help lots of people have a better quality of life”, and Brinley in the same year group, who said: “I felt happy because they have a lot of support with their exercise classes, and I enjoyed hearing that their pets could visit them”; while, in Year 2, Leo was “shocked” at the amount fundraised and Kellagh “amazed”.

Mr Mindham continued: “Events like this give the children a great opportunity to take part in something so close to the local community.

“Parents and family members have been so generous with their sponsorship, and we were overwhelmed by how much money we raised.”